How to Flick the Football Ball Up in the Air

Here’s an excellent rundown of how to flick the soccer ball up in the air and juggle it. There are a bunch of different ways to get the soccer ball up off the ground and in the air, from simply using the sole of the foot to roll the ball back on to your instep and flick it up to some more tricky ways, such as using your heel to bounce the ball off the ground after rolling it up the side of your leg. And then once you get the ball up in the air, you can work on your juggling skills, which are more useful in games than you think.

This great video shows you several options for flicking the ball up in the air, from beginner options to expert ways to flick the soccer ball up and juggle it. Look. Once you master the flick up, you’ll gain more confidence as you learn to juggle the ball in the air.

. A flick up is a move where you get the football in the air with a swift motion, learn them so you can impress your friends with your awesome football skills.

A flick up is always good when you need a cool start for a freestyle move–or if you’re really brave on the football pitch, when you want to make an epic dribble skills move in a match. To master that though, you’ll need to learn our 5 awesome football flick ups–and if you watch today’s video enough times, you might as well learn it.

You’ll actually be surprised that sometimes in a game you’ll need to flick the ball to a teammate or flick the ball over a defender’s foot when you’re dribbling the ball. The flick move in soccer isn’t just a trick but a real skill. Watch Mesut Ozil juggle the ball up and over the keeper.